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What is LexMod?

When LexMod and our wholesale division, Modway, began over ten years ago, we were met with a dilemma. We had a good sense for picking “just right” products, but we were entering a highly competitive industry filled with big names and deep wallets.

Realizing that we couldn’t do it all, we invested heavily in direct sourcing a few trending pieces. Our warehouse didn’t need a shelving system because you could count our inventory on one hand!

The result? We offered unbeatable prices coupled with product specialization and those first orders quickly sold out.

While you’d need hundreds of hands to count LexMod products today, our model remains the same: everything on LexMod.com is directly sourced and sold by us. No middleman means you get the most affordable prices in the industry with the best quality.

LexMod products have become a favorite among interior designers, production studios, and Fortune 500 offices and can be seen in HGTV Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Domino, Brit +Co, Lonny, and Architectural Digest.