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Modern Platform Beds

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Maximize Comfort and Style with Modern Platform Beds

At Lexmod, we’re obsessed with all things modern, so it might surprise you to find that we carry some truly ancient pieces. Platform beds (also known as cabin beds) can be traced all the way back to Egypt and the days of the pharaohs and they predate alternative bed frame styles by thousands of years.

Distinct from beds that rely on a box-spring for mattress support, platform beds are the natural product of humans seeking comfortable sleeping solutions that are elevated above the ground. It wasn’t until the 1860s that the clunky and cumbersome box-spring was invented. Thought to be an improvement on the platform bed, the box-spring was a fixture in American homes until the advent of modernism.

Modernist designers focused on minimalism and functionality, reimagining the simple beds of the past for popular consumption in the mid-20th century. Wooden slats or a supportive lattice replaced the box-spring, providing a breathable and supportive structure on which to place a mattress directly. Solid, simple construction with clean lines and a low profile are the hallmarks of contemporary platform frames