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Modern Accent & Lounge Chairs

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Amplify your Interior Spaces with Modern Accent and Lounge Chairs

Of all Mid-Century furniture types, the accent chair is by far the most widely known and sought out. Its widespread appeal is due in large part to the vast range of distinctive chairs produced by the masters of modern design. Though each held their own particular philosophy regarding utility and artistic intent, what unites these creatives is their shared belief that furniture could be made better.

Some imagined novel functions, such as creating space within a space or encouraging relaxing in ergonomic comfort, while others aimed to fuse high art with industrial manufacture in order to imbue everyday objects with artistic value. Mid-Century Modern chair design expanded the conceptual and functional limits of construction materials, as well, introducing elements like bent metal tubing, thin steel rods, and bent wood as viable design materials. Explore these modern designs and more with LexMod’s innovative living room furniture selections.