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Anchor Your Modern Style with Chic Sofas and Couches 


If the living room is the heart of the home, then your sofa must be its soul. With countless design options for such a central home feature, it’s important to understand all the gorgeous modern interpretations on the market.

A Tuxedo Sofa is a tufted couch with a back rest and straight arms at a uniform height, giving the design its boxy appearance. Designed with supreme comfort in mind, what makes the Lawson Sofa distinct is its removable back cushions which are never affixed to the sofa itself. The Modern Cabriole sofa creates an illusion of one continuous shape, undermining the modular qualities of typical sofas for a superbly modern look.

In addition to these well-known styles, other striking, distinctive designs can only be described as Mid-Century Modern sofas. Though sold in many styles and materials, including leather sofas and upholstered fabric sofas, Mid-Century Modern couches all share essential qualities. They are always streamlined in appearance, functional in design and minimalist in features.